Calling To Foreign Countries: Which Operator Is The Least Expensive Per Minute?

Communications over a mobile phone from France to the international can be expensive.  As soon as you call outside the Old Continent, however, the bill can quickly be salty.

The price charged for an outbound international call varies between 0.10 € / min and 2 € / min, depending on the operator, the country and sometimes the type of line called: fixed or mobile. No difference in price, however, between calls to fixed or mobile for a given country at Orange, Bouygues and SFR, the latter being however more expensive than the other two.


Adapted for one-time use, this so-called “meter” pricing can quickly increase the bill in case of intensive use. Better then choose for a package cut to call out of metropolitan France, or a special foreign option: these solutions will come back much cheaper.

The cheaper and more adjusted foreigner at Free, Syma and Prixtel

But we can find even more interesting prices by renouncing the unlimited. For example with the 2 € / month flat rate of free , in return for a very limited call duration (2 hours maximum on the metropolis and the international). Same thing for Syma Mobile packages, this time 2 hours to the metropolis and abroad. Another good deal for more international calls at Syma: the higher rates – from € 9.90 / month – all include 1 hour per day calls to a hundred destinations.

The Prixtel Complete Upgrade package can also be a good plan for cheaper calls abroad, especially for irregular uses. Two advantages: an unbeatable price of 19.99 € / month for calls to landlines and mobiles in Europe and North America, and an evolutionary pricing. Thus, if you do not call abroad for one month, you stay on the lower levels (€ 9.99 / month or € 14.99 depending on the mobile Internet consumed).

Call options for operators to call cheaper internationally

On the mobile side, operators also offer options for unlimited one-to-many phone calls to a particular country, region or even the world. These solutions to subscribe to the operator are without commitment from one month to another. They can be interesting for both occasional and regular calls. Note in particular:

The world option of Bouygues Telecom at € 15 / month: unlimited to fixed and mobile in Europe, the United States, Canada and China.

The options RED by SFR “unlimited calls to landlines in Europe” or “unlimited SMS to mobiles in Europe”, both invoiced 1 € / month.

Europe and USA / Canada Orange option at 8 € / month: 2h to unlimited and fixed + 50 SMS

Syma Mobile international passes at € 10 or € 20 / month for 1 to 2 hours of calls to several African countries.

Prepaid cards: which operator for specific needs?

Finally, to call destinations not included in mobile plans or not subject to an option cheaply at your operator, it remains prepaid cards. This is a SIM card to insert into your phone, which will give you a given time of communication to the whole world, Europe, the Maghreb or Africa for 5, 10, 15 or 20 €. Interest: the minute is charged less expensive than off-package “on the counter” on a classic offer.

Characteristics of the Best Calling Services

Are you in the market for a live calling service? Or any other business that needs calling, you want the best service. Your business reputation depends on the calling service and those who are your call support representatives. What determines the best calling service? There are numerous call services and soft ware’s worldwide. There are thousands of call centers and telemarketing firms. So what is the criterion that determines the best calling service? If it is expensive, does it deserve so? Does it have reviews or certifications? Here are some of the points that define the reliability of the calling service.



Proficient & Happy Operators

Good calling is more than just good operators, but without proficient operators, you cannot have excellent service. Operators are the essential assets of the calling function. If they are happy and polite, you will have a rise. You should train your operator and make them expert in call service handling. Your agents should be paid well. An operator is a severe post. Happy operators create happy callers, and satisfied callers boost your business. This is an important thing, and you should recruit skilled and ambitious operators for the company. It will surely create a remarkable impact.


Affordable And Flexible Pricing

You should have a variety of pricing packages to offer. The customer may select a box that best serves his needs. You may bill by the minute or by the calling. You may provide both the plans. If you have a few ideas, your call service may not be super cost-effective. A great facility should understand customers’ needs and offer flexible plans accordingly. You may customize your plans according to the customers’ niche. You must give rollover options. You will get more and more customers if you offer them the incentives. You may offer discounts to frequent customers.



If you are the best calling service, you must be available around the clock. When a customer shops around, he checks availability. Do you handle calls during business hours only or around the clock? You must be capable of handling the requests 24/7. You should not charge extra for this purpose. You must be available during weekends and holidays. You may cost some additional fees. Make sure your operators are working and show alertness around the clock. Your customer support service must be active and present all around. You must solve any issue when it is reported.



Variety Of Features

You want your calling service to be the best. You must have a versatile area of customers’ service. Here are the different functions.

This includes out bounding calls, hippa tech compliance, and much more.


Good Reputation

Repudiation is the thing that may boost or wreck your business. If you have a useful review from your clients, you will surely go up. If your customers complain about your service, you will go down quickly.

You should try to keep your customers satisfied. Your call service should be available for emergencies. In this way, you may increase your business.